Library Roundup – North Seattle College Library

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This Fall the NSC Library has launched two new exciting initiatives!

The Library in the Grove is an outreach effort that we hope will increase the library’s visibility on campus and bring more awareness to library services and collections. The library has set up a weekly presence at the Grove – a busy hub on campus where students and staff gather (and just so happens to be where the campus coffee shop is located!). Each week library staff round up a fun array of library materials and roll them over to the Grove where they set up a display table – this includes an assortment of library books, dvds, and magazines, an eye-catching Library in the Grove banner, and laptop. Students and staff are encouraged to browse and check out materials right on the spot! We’ve already noticed that stepping outside of the library has increased our number of serendipitous interactions with our campus community – from faculty spotting their librarian and coming over to chat about an idea to students approaching and saying “Oh, I’m glad you’re here! I’ve been meaning to come into the library, but have had no time. Do you have books on systems thinking?”.

Our Faculty Salon Series highlights faculty projects, publications, and experiments. Once a month we invite the campus community to hear from a featured faculty member about their work and engage in conversation in a casual environment. This quarter we are featuring faculty from the Philosophy, English, and Astronomy programs. Our first salon was a success and we look forward to learning more from our amazing faculty!

–Submitted by Ana Villar

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