Letter from the CLAMS President, Year-End 2014-2015

Submitted by Teresa Jones

On behalf of the CLAMS Executive Board, I would like to take a minute to remember the past year.

CLAMS Newsletter

This year, the exec team worked to re-establish a quarterly CLAMS publication. Special thanks go to our Outgoing Secretary Andrea Gillaspy-Steinhilper, Web Developer Rowena McKernan, and President-Elect Heath R. Davis.

Ben DeCrease, 1982-2015

We would also like to remember Ben DeCrease, 1982-2015, former Electronic Services Librarian at Wenatchee Valley College for creating the graphical format for the newsletter. Ben was a fine, gentle person with stellar talent and a range of interests. Honors and awards include the 21st Century [Librarian] Award, Graduate student body of the UW Information School, June 2011; Summa Cum Laude, Washington State University, June 2007.

CLAMS Spring Conference, Featured Presentations

Eriksen, Alternate Presentations of Facet Information in the Primo Search Interface

Seeber, Teaching “Information Creation as a Process” in an Era of Web-Scale Discovery

Uhl & Murphy, Exploring Place: Guiding Student Inquiry through Semiotics and Research Strategies

iSchool Student Poster Presentations

New this year, CLAMS invited iSchool students to present posters at the spring conference. Our congratulations and thanks to Azusa Higashigawa, MLIS Candidate, June 2015 who presented on Open Access for Reference Data: Case Study of Collaborative Reference Database Project in Japan and Inseon Chung, MLIS Candidate, June 2015 who presented on Mobilizing Teens to Help Seniors with Computers.

CLAMS Spring Conference, Favorite Tweets

Zach Welhouse ‏@ZachRPG May 22

I’d love to convince a few people that (quality) content trumps form. Except when giant stone tablets are involved. #clams15s

Jessica Anderson ‏@infoJessica May 22

Best Boolean search tip I’ve ever seen at #clams15s

Travel Stipends

SBCTC provided funding in the amount of $1,120.00 for six attendees to attend the CLAMS + ExLibris event in October. LLC provided additional funding in the amount of $390.00 for two attendees to attend the CLAMS + Ex Libris event in May. Thank you, Sue Kennedy and Andrew Hersh-Tudor!

In Closing…an Opening

Metadata, subject clouds, holographs, and STEM initiatives, oh my!

Our students wear an “information lens” as they engage with and interact with the world, and up until a day or two before finalizing the pre-conference schedule we were in dialog with Microsoft about the possibility of introducing CLAMS to the soon-to-be released HoloLens. We had to place a bookmark in those discussions, but imagine how exciting it will be for our students to have the opportunity to touch and engage with library metadata within the physical space of the library. Perhaps CLAMS will have an opportunity to meet with Microsoft in the future.

The conference theme this spring was “Creating a Sustainable Learning Environment: Reflections on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.” And on reflection, perhaps the connection between seal watching and libraries was a bit of a stretch to some conference goers. (I’m referring to the delightful, second keynote, Library as Natural Ecosystem and Portal to Other Worlds.) However, the following will illustrate the notion of library as endangered ecosystem all too clearly. If you’ve been following the discussion on cjc-l@lists.ala.org towards the end of May and into June, Books gone from library, now no librarian, you may have been both quite shocked and unsurprised – because not only are monographs an endangered artifact, and the physical library an endangered ecosystem, but librarians too are becoming an endangered species within that shrinking ecosystem.

More than a literary device on this beautiful spring morning, I have elected to open and close on sobering notes because I would like to suggest that there is valuable and important work yet to be done.

So, here’s to the future… and here’s to the past… 🙂

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this year a success.