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Join Us for the New WA College Library Meet Up Group

by Caroline Conley, Shoreline Community College and Deb Moore, Highline College.
What: WA College Library Meet Up. We’re aiming to meet once a quarter at someone’s college and talk about a topic of interest to us. The topic we talked about at our first meeting was the new ACRL IL framework, but we could work on any topic that’s proposed.

When: We’re starting with 3 meet ups a year, one per quarter. The first one will be at my college (Shoreline) in the fall, probably in late October or early November.

How: Deb became my outside-institution mentor my first year of tenure at Shoreline. Our colleague set us up so we could get heavy, deep, and real regarding Information Literacy.  We’ve been trying to get together once a quarter since then to talk about whatever had meaning for our work. It’s been inspiring and revealing to get a slightly different perspective on the work I do from someone who works at another school. There are many similarities and differences in our work that make it beneficial and effortless to make great connections in my thinking. Now we want to widen and strengthen those connections with WA College Library Meet Up!

Caroline Conley, Shoreline Community College

Why: A few years ago, Caroline and I started meeting to talk about information literacy and all things related, and it’s been so helpful to have someone to talk things over with. When I lived in Southern California, I belonged to a group of librarians that would get together periodically to discuss current issues, articles we’d been reading, and new things we were working on or thinking about working on. I mentioned this group to Caroline, and we decided it would be nice to expand our partnership into a group.

Who: Reaching out to our CLAMS community is the natural starting place, so we invite any of you who are interested to join us for these group meetings.

Where: Watch for a fall 2015 meeting announcement to be held at Shoreline Community College, but after that we hope to come to a college near you too.

Deb Moore, Highline College

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