Around the State – News and Updates from Community & Technical College Libraries

Bates Technical College (submitted by Jennie Vano):   

Librarian Sue Schub retired from Bates on June 30th after 10 years of service to the college. We welcomed Chelsea Nesvig as our substitute librarian on July 1. We hope that Chelsea will be working at the Downtown Campus until the Downtown Librarian position is filled.

Bates Technical College broke ground this summer on a new building at the Central Campus. The new building will house several career training programs, student services and a library – a first for that campus. The building is expected to be open late in 2015.

UW Bothell/Cascadia Community College (submitted by Nia Lam):

UWB/CCC Campus Library staff Althea Eannance Lazzaro, Shardé Mills, Tami Garrard, Emily Ferguson, Megan Watson, and Dave Ellenwood recently wrote an article for the June 2014 issue of C&RL News, “Cultural competency on campus: Applying ACRL’s Diversity Standards.” The article describes the Campus Library Diversity Team’s implementation of the ACRL Diversity Standards to diversity trainings and programming at the Library.

In July, several librarians attended the Library Instruction West conference in Portland, OR. Alyssa Berger, Dave Ellenwood, Dani Rowland, and Beth Sanderson presented “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Seeding Library Instruction with Hip-Hop.” Their presentation described teaching research concepts through hip-hop metaphors, teaching library databases through interpreting/annotating rap lyrics, and teaching critical approaches to copyright using hip-hop examples. Dave Ellenwood, Althea Lazzaro, Sharde Mills, and Megan Watson presented “Opening Our Information Literacy Classrooms to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.” In this presentation, they shared examples of successes and failures designing culturally responsive information literacy sessions and discussed strategies for introducing culturally-grounded participation, problem-solving, and discourse styles into library instruction.

Jackie Belanger was promoted to Associate Librarian and Dave Ellenwood was promoted to Senior Assistant Librarian. Beth Sanderson and Dani Rowland were re-appointed as Senior Assistant Librarians. Kali Stoehr was appointed as full-time temporary Research & Instruction librarian, and joined our team in August.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (submitted by Heath R. Davis):   

The Library – Learning Commons at Lake Washington Institute of Technology has 2 new bachelors programs: Bachelor of Applied Science in Transportation & Logistics Management and Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health.

Cheyenne Roduin is the new Library Program Coordinator for the Library-Learning Commons.

Skagit Valley College (submitted by Linda Hedrick):  

The Norwood Cole Library at Skagit Valley College is so happy to announce that Elena Bianco is now full-time, tenure track (imagine us all sighing: AT LAST!). Elena has been very busy redesigning our library website, incorporating ExLibris/Primo which we premiered in late August. The new website uses the college’s responsive design template to be more user-friendly for mobile devices.

Skagit Valley College is offering our first four-year degree, a Bachelors of Applied Science in Environmental Conservation. The library worked closely with instruction faculty to ensure students would have needed resources starting Fall Quarter.

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