2015 Membership Meeting Update

meeting picture

A few unofficial notes from the Business meeting:

We did create a new position of Communications Officer – this is the person responsible for the newsletter and for promoting CLAMS events and activities.

Elections were held for new officers, and the 2015-2016 Executive Board includes:

  • Quill West, President
  • Heath Davis, President-elect.
  • Amy Herman, Communications Officer.
  • Traci Taylor, Secretary.
  • Leslie Potter-Henderson, Treasurer.
  • Teresa Jones, Past President.
  • Rowena McKernan, Web Developer

A Fall CLAMS business meeting will be held at the ACRL-WA Fall meeting in Pack Forest.

Next Spring we expect to have a CLAMS meeting in Bellevue – but the date may be different.  New President Quill will send out a survey to determine the best month for the membership.

meeting picture
“Meeting Outside” by Office Now is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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